Common Sump Pump Issues

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A functioning sump pump can keep your basement from flooding. But like any system, sump pumps can malfunction. In some cases, a broken sump pump can actually cause flooding that it is designed to prevent. 

A well-built sump pump can save you huge amounts of time and hassle. But poorly made models are more likely to break down. Below, we will discuss a few of the most common sump pump problems.

The Pump Is Overwhelmed

Some sump pumps do not have the capacity to handle the amount of water that runs into a basement. If a particular pump is not powerful enough or is poorly made, it may become overwhelmed. This is especially true in low elevation areas or where there are heavy rains.

 In order to keep your basement dry, invest in a high-capacity sump pump model. Some basements may require more than one sump pump in order to stay dry. 

No Water in the Sump Pit

If there is no water in the pit, your unit may be installed improperly. Alternatively, your sump pump may not be linked to a drainage system. 

Even if you do have a basement drainage system, it may become clogged or collapse over time. It is important to ensure that your sump pump is properly connected to an adequate drainage system.

Without the ability to drain, even the best pump will not keep your basement dry. 

Clogged Switches and Sump Pumps

Without a proper lid, your sump pump may become clogged over time. When this happens, your pump may slow down significantly. A fully clogged sump pump will stop completely.

Many factors can contribute to a clogged pump, including:

  • Debris in the sump pit
  • Clogged mechanical parts
  • Clogged float switch

Sometimes, cheaper sump pumps run continuously when their components and switches become clogged with dirt. A plumbing professional can diagnose the cause of a clogged pump and get it up and running again. 

Continuously Running Sump Pump

When a sump pump runs continuously, it can burn out the internal motor. The most common causes of this problem are:

  • Continuous flooding in the sump pit
  • Broken check valve
  • Pump is too large or too small
  • Stuck or clogged switches

No matter what the issue may be, contact a professional. At B&B Professional Plumbing, we can diagnose and fix these common sump pump problems!

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