Possible Causes of Water Leaks in a Household

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If you have ever experienced a water leak in your house, you may know that locating the source of the leak can prove to be a difficult task. Today, we’ll take a look at some of the possible causes of water leaks in the average household.


Toilet leaks can come from a variety of places, including the tank and flange. Be aware that drywall could be damaged if the leak originates from one of the pipes behind the wall.

Showers or Sinks

Leaking caused by the shower or sink can be evasive in a tile-lined area because it is difficult to get behind tiles to locate the source of the problem. If your bathroom is not lined with tile, then the leak should be easy enough to spot. If your bathroom is tiled, then you will want to inspect each area, looking for raised tiles. 

In either case, be on the lookout for a drop in pressure, as this is often another sign of a leak.

Once you see these signs, don’t hesitate to contact us since our service is available 24/7 and we can help you repair any leaks in the kitchen and bath.

Washing Machines

Washing machines are a common cause of water leakage. They are typically caused by a disruption in the water hoses that connect to the machine. Make sure to check these hoses from time to time, as they tend to rupture when they are older. 

It is also a good idea to consistently inspect the space behind your washing machine for puddles and leaks.

Tree Roots

Believe it or not, tree roots are a prominent cause of water leakage. If you are experiencing a leak in your basement and can’t seem to determine the culprit, you may need to call out a professional plumber to determine whether plant growth has caused cracks in any of your pipes.

Changes in Temperature

Temperatures that fluctuate in a short time frame can cause pipes to crack. If you suspect this may be the cause of the leak, it is best to consult a professional as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

If you are experiencing persistent water leakage or have questions about potential leaks in your home, contact B&B Pro Plumbing. We can help determine the source of the problem and address it right away. We are available 24/7, so Contact Us Today!

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