Reasons for High Water Pressure

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It’s easy to spot high water pressure in the home. For example, your toilets might run constantly because of it or water might shoot out of your faucets at the slightest turn of the handle. 

Some homeowners might think that this is something they have to tolerate, but in reality, it’s a big problem that can wreak havoc on your home’s plumbing system if it’s left untreated. But what exactly causes high water pressure? 

The Source of High Water Pressure

There are many factors that play into high water pressure in the home — and most of them are outside of your control. This is because the central source of water pressure comes from your municipal water supplier, they control the flow of water in your community and they’re known to pump at a higher rate of pressure for homes that are near tall buildings or hills.

High pressure could even come from something as simple as living near a fire hydrant, which requires a much stronger stream to function. Whatever the reason may be, it might not be possible to completely remove the source of your water pressure problems. 

What you can do is take steps to regulate the way that water enters your home.

Water Pressure Regulation with B & B Pro Plumbing

High water pressure isn’t just an inconvenience. Over time, a strong enough stream of water can damage your pipes and cut down the lifespan of your appliances and fixtures. You might even find yourself paying more in utility bills!

When you partner with the team at B & B Professional Plumbing, you’ll find that we have the skillset to diagnose high water pressure in the home and the tools to alleviate it. If you live in an older home, for instance, there are devices we will install that solve your water problems almost immediately. For high-pressure woes, call B & B Professional Plumbing today.

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