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When your coils stop cooperating, so do AC units. Get your system back on track with a professional cleaning today!

For over 30 years, B&B Professional Plumbing & Air has assisted our local community with everything from HVAC installations and repairs to AC coil cleaning in Tampa, FL. With our reliability and promise to arrive on time, you’ll never have to succumb to an uncomfortable indoor climate. With a five-star Facebook rating, a 4.8-star Google rating, and 100% customer satisfaction, you’ll understand why. 

Our team includes top, hand-picked technicians, the highest service standards, and state-of-the-art tools and equipment. Contact us for Tampa’s professional AC installation services and more.  

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What Coils Exist in Your Air Conditioner?

AC Replacement by B&B Professional Plumbing & Air

Your air conditioner depends on two internal coils that help with cooling. 

The evaporator coils reside in the indoor evaporator unit. The liquid refrigerant within this coil absorbs heat from the surrounding air. The refrigerant evaporates and travels to the outdoor unit, leaving only cool air. 

The condenser coils in the outdoor unit absorbs the heat. After releasing the hot air outside your home, the refrigerant reverts to a liquid. It travels back into the evaporator coil to start the process over. 

What Factors Disrupt Coil Function?

Unfortunately, if your coils aren’t up to par, it affects this process. One primary cause is dirt and debris that settles on them, creating a barrier between the hot air and the refrigerant. The refrigerant cannot adequately absorb the heat, leaving hot air in your home and rendering your AC unit less efficient. 

Contaminants settle on coils if you:

Aside from an AC coil cleaning in Tampa, FL, you’ll need a minor repair for a refrigerant leak. A leak caused by a worn seal, rusted joints, or high air pressure causes refrigerant loss. You’ll notice pooling around your unit and warmer temperatures. 

AC Installation by B&B Professional Plumbing & Air

Why Should You Consider AC Coil Cleaning?

Cleaning the coils removes that dusty barrier from your coils, allowing for more heat absorption. In turn, you receive better HVAC performance with a higher cooling capacity. You’ll also benefit from:

What Your Neighbors Are Saying About Us

We were at our wits end, had 3 different companies out to diagnose why water was backing up from the common drain where the unit upstairs ties in with our unit. We called B & B spoke to Claudia and she was able to send a tech out later that day! Their tech came in diagnosed the issue right away - had it fixed within an hour. Just received the invoice and the charges are more than fair. Thank you so much

Kay B.
Satisfied Customer
My HVAC wasn't running efficiently. B&B Professional is the 4th service provider I hired who's finally found the problem as easy as a cap is missing, while everyone else told me that I need to pay $4,500+ to install a new unit. B&B saved me a lot of money.

Ann S.
Satisfied Customer
I had all vavles replaced in my condo unit. Dillion was the tech that came out and he was very professional and efficient. I would recommend this company for you plumbing needs.

Kimberlyn P.
Satisfied Customer
My AC unit took a dive and I can't be without air. I called B&B Plumbing and Air. They came out right away, gave me a very fair quote and most importantly were able to get me on their calendar right away. I was very pleased with the installation team. Super professional. They did a great job. I am very happy and will be recommending them to all my family and friends. They will also be handling the re-pipe on my home. 10 star review on every level.
Donna J.
Satisfied Customer
We replaced a faulty facet ourselves, not realizing all the pitfalls of plumbing. We called B&B Plumbing and Air. Our plumber, Christian was amazing! He was incredibly professional, knowledgeable, and took the time to explain each process that was necessary. Overall, due to Christian's outstanding work, we are repeat customers, and would highly recommend B&B Plumbing and Air particularly, Christian, to our friends and neighbors.

Deborah N.
Satisfied Customer
Ed Meyer showed up on time, was very knowledgable, he sent a camera through our problematic line, he found one break and gave us a reasonable estimate to repair the system as well as jetting the system with high pressure water. So far I am very pleased with this company. I will post another review after the work is completed.

Drew M.
Satisfied Customer
Jody at the front desk was very helpful and quick to respond and very timely with getting the workers out here. She always sounded pleasant as if she was smiling whenever I talked to her. We had a repair that needed taken care of on our storm drain and from the first call they had " yes we can do that " attitude. I would highly recommend B & B Professional Plumbing and Air

Donna V.
Satisfied Customer

Professionalism Is in Our Name!

The heat in Tampa, FL, is no joke, and neither are our services. At B&B Professional Plumbing & Air, we pride ourselves on experience and professionalism, so whether you need an AC tuneup and maintenance or a repair or replacement, contact us. We provide 24/7 services to commercial and residential estates, so call 727-559-7991 for AC coil cleaning in Clearwater, FL, today!