Backflow Testing, Maintenance, and Replacement

At B&B Professional Plumbing, the services we provide are designed to deliver quality results that keep our customers comfortable in their homes and safe at all times. An essential part of our service lineup is to handle backflow issues in a timely manner.

What Is Backflow?

Backflow is the reverse flow of water throughout a home or business. Instead of clean water flowing one way and polluted water exiting another, water direction overlaps. This allows contaminants from plumbing systems to flood into the clean drinking water supply.

Not only is backflow inconvenient, but the movement of pollutants through a drinking water supply can undoubtedly be dangerous, as well. When backflow is an immediate or potential issue, it’s important to have professionals handle the situation.

Backflow Testing

The B&B Professional Plumbing team regularly performs backflow testing for customers who are concerned about backflow so that we can determine the root cause of the issue and prevent problems from moving forward.

Backflow is most commonly caused by issues with:

  • Cross-connection
  • Back pressure
  • Back-siphoning

It takes anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes for our team to perform a test using a backflow prevention device. Most of our customers find this timeframe ideal in that it is minimally invasive to their daily routines.

If a fixture fails the backflow test, our team is happy to make recommendations on ways to move forward with repairs. We make sure that repairs are attended to quickly to ensure that our customers have access to fresh and clean drinking water at all times.

It’s a good idea to have backflow testing done once a year at a minimum. This ensures that all cross-connections are functioning properly, and worn-down parts or loose connections don’t lead to cross-contamination between water systems.

Backflow Installation Assistance

Once our team has diagnosed the issue, we can tackle the installation of a backflow prevention device. Our professional technicians have the tools, knowledge, and training to take care of any and all backflow installation needs, ranging from backflow preventers placed on water lines to making cross-connection repairs.

Common signs that backflow preventer installation or repair may be required include:

  • Water that tastes strange
  • Discolored water
  • Noticeably reduced overall water pressure
  • Leaks

If you see any of these signs, reach out to our team immediately.

Your Trusted Backflow Installation and Repair Experts

When backflow is an issue, you should seek immediate assistance. Let B&B Professional Plumbing take care of everything from testing to repair and installation so that you can enjoy the peace of mind you deserve.