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The Importance of Proper Ductwork

Having a properly functioning AC unit will only take you so far. Without proper ductwork to accompany a functioning AC unit, your house won’t be cooled and filtered properly. 

Furthermore, ductwork that is leaky can result in a higher electricity bill each month. When we talk about ductwork, the main effect it has on the AC system as a whole is efficiency.

Good Ductwork = Great Efficiency That Saves Energy and Keeps Your AC Unit From Overworking 

Poor Ductwork = Bad Efficiency That Costs You More Electricity and Overworks Your AC Unit Just to Properly Cool Your Home.

At B&B, we’ve been doing cleaning, repair, and installation of ductwork for residential and commercial customers for over 25 years, and we’re proud of the reputation we’ve built around town. 

Issues We Typically See With Ductwork

  • Sealing – improper or broken down sealing can cause lots of air to leak out of your ductwork into places where it doesn’t need to be like the crawlspace. 
  • Layout & Sizing – if the layout of the ductwork system isn’t optimal, for many technical reasons, your AC system will be less efficient and waste energy. 
  • Return Ducts – if the return ducts are inadequate, in poor condition, improperly placed, or too small or too large, your AC units will have to work harder than they are supposed to – and as a result, you’ll have more wear and tear on the units and a higher electric bill.

Air Duct Cleaning

Over time, air ducts become dirty. They collect dust, debris, pathogens, mold, and other allergens. Yes, the very vents that allow air to travel to each room of your house are frequently dirty and full of allergens and other particles that can make breathing uncomfortable and damage the human respiratory system over prolonged exposure.

This is the nature of AC system ductwork – it gets dirty over time.

Even bugs and vermin (including their droppings) can live inside your air ducts. Mold spores can be spread around the house through air ducts. It really is a breeding space for things you do not want to be breathing into your lungs. 

Here is how cleaning works…

First, we inspect the ducts in your home to see how dirty they are and to find any leaks or problems areas for proper air flow. 

Second, we do a heavy duty vacuuming of the air ducts in your home. We use negative pressure by sealing the vacuum against the air handler so that we get a strong force to pull out all the unwanted particles mentioned above from the ducts. We seal all the ducts around the house to create the negative pressure to force everything out of the ducts. We also uses other types of electric brushes, brooms, vacuums, and tools to remove all the unwanted material from the ducts.

We also check for other problem areas like leaks or seals that have come loose or are malfunctioning. 

We’ve been doing ductwork for over 25 years in the Tampa Bay metro. Please give us a call if you have any questions!

Air Duct Repair

There are three main problems we see with ducts that warrant repairs… 

  1. Leaks
  2. Improper Insulation (wastes energy, causes temperature uneven throughout the house)
  3. Poor Duct Design (allowing some rooms to get too hot, while others get too cold)

We’ve been doing duct repairs for over 25 years in the Tampa Bay metro. Our reputation is one of honesty and putting the customer first… Always. 

Please give B&B a call if you are having issues with your ductwork. Whether it’s commercial grade spiral ductwork – like you see pictured below, or flex duct in the attic of your home, we can help.

Spiral Ductwork B&B recently installed in Pinellas County

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Jason Mckee
Jason Mckee
November 13, 2021.
Very professional team. This is a very well run company, by people that care. 5 stars.
Chuck Zalac
Chuck Zalac
November 12, 2021.
Had a water leak coming down an interior wall. Mike, Chris & Scotty were able to quickly assess and locate the source; then efficiently made repairs. They replaced a section of vent stack that was cracked; a difficult task but they were excellent. And they left the work area clean.
Left Shoe
Left Shoe
November 7, 2021.
Extremely professional and always Considerate.
Nancy Napoles
Nancy Napoles
August 17, 2021.
There when you need them. Courteous, professional services. I highly recommend this company.
Normandy Woodward
Normandy Woodward
August 7, 2021.
Tom and Normandy Woodward are SUPER PLEASED with each step of B and B working with us to tackle many issues over the past two months. I have to say that at the top of our list in outstanding persons/help are Rocco the Overseer of Operations (amazing), Frank Garcia and his partner Matt (awesome), Brian the scheduler (top-notch) and Norman Nickelson (a gentle genius who brilliantly solved a persistent problem). These guys are as professional, courteous and efficient as I've ever seen.
Melanie Kordana
Melanie Kordana
July 3, 2021.
The only true 24 hour plumber in Clearwater area!! My mom had plumbing emergency and we were able to reach the on call plumber at 3AM and he was there within a couple of hours and fixed the issue! So thankful for them!
Janeen Fasulo
Janeen Fasulo
June 23, 2021.
Mike was the absolute best, he understood that I was in a bind and went so far above and beyond what I expected and I am exceedingly grateful for his time and knowledge

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