Grease Trap Services

When it comes to keeping grease and solid waste materials from clogging a disposal system, a grease trap and interceptor combination is a great solution. So, if things go wrong with these systems, the team at B&B Professional Plumbing can help.

Where Are Grease Traps Used?

Grease traps are commonly found in restaurants, schools, gas stations, and senior living facilities.

While grease traps and interceptors provide an important service for people who work with large amounts of on-site food preparation daily, these devices require regular cleaning and maintenance to stay in proper working order. While they’re highly efficient at keeping drains clear, there’s no guarantee that things won’t go wrong once in a while.

Grease Trap Cleaning and Grease Trap Repair

At B&B Professional Plumbing, our team of experts is trained to handle all of the grease trap cleaning and grease trap repair requests that come our way. Whether a waste disposal is already completely backed up or is just starting to show signs of slowing down, we have the tools and knowledge to get repairs done quickly so that your business or home can be back up and running smoothly in no time.

Grease traps can encounter issues for many reasons. Sometimes, past maintenance simply left debris behind and only skimmed solids off of the top of the disposal. Other times, the grease trap or interceptor wasn’t properly installed or serviced, which can create issues down the line.

No matter what the cause may be, our team can quickly diagnose the issue and perform the necessary repairs. We regularly perform full pump-outs of grease traps to remove grease, oils, fats, and solids within.

Grease Interceptor Installation Services

We’re also readily available to assist with interceptor installation when a unit wasn’t set up correctly to begin with. The grease interceptor installation process is simple when you partner with B&B Professional Plumbing, but it’s undeniably important. When it comes to properly flushing contaminated liquids through disposals without allowing solid particles to follow, a well-installed interceptor is the key to success.

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Many businesses depend on properly functioning grease traps and interceptors to keep things running smoothly. At B&B Professional Plumbing, we offer comprehensive services that make everything — including cleaning, repairs, and installation — easier than ever.